Work positioning lanyard

  • Model: A04P16AL
  • Supplier: Carabelli Srl  
  • Date of shipment: under request
  • Required quantity:
  • Price:

Rope made of three-strand polyamide fiber, dia. 16 mm.,  length 2 m., with aluminium alloy connector with double safety latches

Automatic length adjuster and protection sleeve for the rope

Weight: 970 g




Aluminium connector “long type” recommended in particular way to operators concerned with works on tower poles because of continuous action of attaching and detaching.

End of rope obtained thanks to the sewing with high tenacity fiber, protected by a transparent heat shrink covering.

Travel end clamp, made of aluminum sleeve.



The automatic adjuster allows the operator to perform the adjustment by a continuous action using one hand only.






Work positioning lanyards

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