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Railway interiors and equipment

Carabelli has over twenty years of Trenitalia SpA and supplier of the most important manufacturers of rolling stock.


Carabelli began its activities with the supply of textile interior, like seat covers and roller blinds. Following the TAF, began to acquire significant activities for the production and supply of interior and metal components. In recent years, the choice to grow within the rail sector has been rewarded with the acquisition of several orders that allowed the company to participate in new projects for the redesign, revamping and production of interior. 

In order to get these results, Carabelli has consolidated strong partnerships to address processes that could not be carried out within the company, has invested in machinery and technical resources, both human and hardware and software engineering. Currently the company is able to process 3D models and FEM analysis guidance, allowing high flexibility.


Carabelli regularly produces: roller blinds, bagaglietti, roof racks, roof rails, baskets, textile coatings, special equipment for disabled people, equipment for the catering service on board, battery boxes, casings under the seat, display casing, doors toilets, doors and modular seats for trains high attendance and subway trains.