Hydraulic puller, 3500 daN

  • Model: 1900.30VM
  • Supplier: none  
  • Date of shipment: under request
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Available in the standard one is complete of accessories such as: dynamometer, preselector of max pulling force value, emergency brake, reel-winder with hydraulic control, axle with tires and drawbar for towing. Steel multi-groove capstans Ø 250 mm for steel ropes with max Ø 11 mm and nylon ropes with max Ø 16 mm.


Type Diesel engine Max pulling force Pulling force
1900.30VM 40 3500 3000


Puller 3500 daN 1            Puller 3500 daN 2


Puller 3500 daN 3

Hydraulic pullers

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