Hydraulic cable puller 400 daN

  • Model: 1944VM400-2042
  • Supplier: none  
  • Date of shipment: under request
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Portable machine for running overhead cables and bare wire. It has a forward and reverse gear. The worm gear holds the load when movement is stopped.  

Supplied with pole bracket, pilot rope drum, 550 m rope 6 mm dia and storage box.

Detachable in 3 pieces: engine, hydraulic gearbox and cable drum with spooling device.

Complete of pulling force indicator with presetting device that automatically locks the drum when force is exceeded.

Max max pulling force: 400 kg Pulling speed: 1 – 100 m/min Petrol engine:  5,5 HP Weight without cable: 49 kg


Art. 1944VM400-2040-0050

Cable drum with 120 m steel wire diameter 6 mm (including hook). Galvanized steel wire rope.

Лебедка 400 кг 1

Art. 1944VM400-2040-0220

Pilot rope drum for ABC-cable. Galvanized steel drum. Including 550 m polypropylene rope diameter 6 mm


Hydraulic pullers

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