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Fullbody harness with work positioning belt

  • Model: A02PR
  • Supplier: Carabelli Srl  
  • Date of shipment: under request
  • Required quantity:
  • Price:

Full-body harnesses with integrated work positioning belt with four points of anchorage: dorsal, front and two lateral 

  • Professional and ultr-light model
  • Aluminium alloy accessories
  • Adjustable shoulder and leg straps
  • Polyester straps o 45 mm wide
  • Leg straps complete of seating support
  • Automatic buckle with double safety latches
  • Triangular connector with automatic twist lock for front attachment
  • Thermo-formed ergonomic comfort pad height 170 mm
  • Curved D ring
  • Complete of rings for toolbag attachment (see page … )
  • High resistance sewing made of polyamide -   Nylon webbing loop keeper
  • Suitable for all fall arresters EN363

Fullbody harnesses

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