Bicycle for two conductors

  • Model: 2300B2
  • Supplier: Carabelli Srl  
  • Date of shipment: under request
  • Required quantity:
  • Price:



Made of aluminium alloy, with cardanic transmission, equipped with:

- Nylon wheels , two used for traction and two for contrasting

- Service negative automatic disk brake

- Stop brake for positioning

- Meter counter

- Saddle and back-rest

- Anti-derailment rope

- Chain for lifting

- Weight: 35 kg

– Safe working load: 120 daN

The wheels inter-axis can change from 400 mm to  457 mm

and finally up-to 500 mm.

The service negative automatic brake blocks

the movement when the operator releases the  brake handle.

The operator must use a full body harness

EN361/358-813 together with a fall arrester

system EN355.





Bicycles for conductors

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