Aluminium alloy ladder kit for accessing and inspecting the top deck

  • Model: F11RFI01
  • Supplier: Carabelli Srl  
  • Date of shipment: under request
  • Required quantity:
  • Price:

It allows the operator to access, inspect the top deck and descend in safe conditions, during all phases of the operation. 

Easy to use and quick to install; in case the operator falls, it limits the arrest space within 4 m. 



ART. F11RFI01-02 (A)

No 1 upper element with hooks - length 625 mm

ART. F11RFI01-03 (B)

No 1 climbing intermediate element length 1620 mm


No tower length 825 mm for moving from the ladder to the top deck - Weight 2 kg

ART. F11RF01-6 (E)

No 2 support spacers with length adjustable feet 

ART. F11RFI01-07/09 (H)

No System for holding the ladder to the rail, to be used on the curve

ART. F11RFI01-08 (D)

ART. F11RFI01-04 (G)

No Service rope 5,6 m long

No 1 Lower element 1770 mm long

ART. F11RF01-10

ART. F11RFI0105 (F)

No 1 carrying bag for the kit

No 1 Lower element 900 mm long


Ladder 9 kg         Tower 2 kg

The ladder complete with tower in certified according EN 795 cl. b.

ART. F11RFI01-09

System for holding the ladder to the rail, to be used on the curve.  

ART. F11RFI01-07


Aluminium alloy ladder for climbing tubular poles of railways

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