Guided type fall arrester on a flexible anchorage line

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EN 353-2

Aluminium fall arrester, opening type, including integrated connecting device made of polyester strap 350 mm long

Connector made of steel

To be used on flexible  lines  Art. A08P14AL

Suitable only for vertical axis shift


 ART. A08P14L Anchorage line


Polyamide rope with 3 strands  Ø 14 mm including connector

Length, m Model Length, m Model 
10 A08P14L10 30 A08P14L30
15 A08P14L15 40 A08P14L40
20 A08P14L20 50 A08P14L50
25 A08P14L25    


































Guided type fall arresters on a flexible anchorage line

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