Wire rope for Tirfor grip-hoist

  • Model: 2098
  • Supplier: Carabelli Srl  
  • Date of shipment: under request
  • Required quantity:
  • Price:

Special wire ropes, with safety hook and winding reel, are available in standard lengths.

LENGTH 2098B 2098C 2098D
m Ø mm  Ø mm  Ø mm 
  8,3 11,5 16,3
10 B10 C10 D10
20 B20 C20 D20
25 B25 C25 D25
30 B30 C30 D30
40 B40 C40 D40
50 B50 C50 D50
60 B60 C60 D60
80 B80 C80 D80
100 B100 C100 D100


Use only the original wire ropes in order to avoid rope jamming inside the grip-hoist.



Tirfor grip-hoist

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