Drum hydraulic winch

  • Model: 1940B1000
  • Supplier: Carabelli Srl  
  • Date of shipment: under request
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Puller designed for being easily and quickly disassembled in three units, for manual transportation in areas of difficult access. Power is transmitted through an hydraulic circuit with a variable delivery pump and fixed displacement motor with stepless variation in speed in both directions.


Max Pull 1000 daN
Speed Gradually variable from 0 to 35 m/min to both directions
Safety Automatic negative brake on both puller and rewinder, operating automatically when the operator releases the command lever or when the hydraulic circuit fails.
Instrumentation Dynamometer with max. pulling force programmer, which stops puller when the max. pulling force is exceeded
Axial Drum Ø 275 mm. Interchangeable, complete with automatic rope levelwinder
Engine Lombardini lga 340, Petrol, 10 hP
Lifting The frame is equipped for the connection with auxiliary lifting chains
Dimensions 1430 x 570 x 600 mm
Weight kg 160
Pulling force / speed ratios

daN 1000: 0 – 13 m/min

daN   500: 0 – 29 m/min

daN       0: 0 – 35 m/min

Standard equipment Axle with wheels, drawbar for towing, frame for manual transportation
Optional equipment Large groove capstan with safety device for blocking the rope. Weight: 30 kg

Drum hydraulic winch

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